Why become an Entrepreneur

*I want to be my Boss*

An agreeable reason, but this is the reason most people fall back to when asked about why they desire to be an Entrepreneur.

Today, let us indulge in three “other” exciting reasons for becoming an Entrepreneur.

No Dress Code

Would you wear a business suit while selling from your online store? Or would you make a profit while relaxing in your pj’s?

The second option is both true and sounds so much more comfortable! That is the life of an Entrepreneur, you’re not restricted to a dress code while performing business, be casual, be chill, and be comfortable!


If you enjoy challenges, creativity, and thrills then this is for you.

Repetitiveness can get boring, doing the same thing over and over again, uh even writing that is boring,

Not while you are an entrepreneur, no way, the journey demands innovation and change. There is a new challenge across every corner, a new hurdle for you to conquer at every step, whether it be creating a brand name or maintaining it.


Ever wanted to take a break and travel with friends, but your responsibilities stopped you?

Well if you are an entrepreneur, you can decide when you want to travel and with ease!

Technology favors this freedom, through the internet and remote employees now you can monitor your business while on your vacation, or just let a trusted partner run it while you take a break!

The Customer

Profits and capital is a by-product of a successful business, the true product is a satisfied customer.

Huh? Let me explain.

Never, and I mean never make earning money your reason for launching a business, your success if any will be short-lived.


Your customer should ALWAYS be your attention, whether it is to create greater satisfaction in a certain industry or to reduce pain, your customer should always be your top priority and this is why!

Successful Product

A product with a focus on reducing or eliminating customer pain while increasing satisfaction is always more successful than a product made solely to gain those green bills.

If your customer likes it, they will buy it, and if they enjoy it, they will keep on buying in stating that your business is not a one time deal!

Efficient Consumption

Creating a product or a service consumes resources, whether those be financial, mineral, or technological resources, you need to put in something to get something.

Understanding your customer will allow you to create only what is required rather than wasting resources on something that will be rejected. So how will you use your resources?

More Customers

“Word of Mouth”

A very successful strategy to increase sales while increasing customer acquisition through referral.

Imagine customer-A liking your service, they are very satisfied, and on the next family function or meetup, they mention your brand.

Here is the thought process, curiosity – anticipation – satisfaction – referral.

Fairly simple eh? try it then!

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