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Pick the best from the rest

Most of us are aware of applying for a position, but how many of us know what happens behind the scenes? How frustrating it is to find a perfect fit, even a good fit can be tremendously taxing!

No worries if you are with I M Global though, and if you aren’t working with us to find the right match for your position then what are you even doing?

Our recruitment process utilizes an additional step which is determined to filter out the most passionate candidates with the right skill, because on top of the normal recruitment process which consists of advertising for the position, background check, etc. we have also included an additional step, screening through self-video!

The name is self-explanatory, yet we believe this is a very effective way to screen out successful candidates because it is beyond a sheet of paper or a word document and allows an international connection between the company and the prospect.

Through our innovative approach, we will find the right people for your ambition!

Staff Recruitment Screened interviews Pick the best

Hiring efficient staff is a tough job so far. We help you hire and appoint eligible, proficient and dedicated panel of staff. Our professional team will recruit an experienced team of office staff for your firm.

Recorded interviews of the candidates help you know on what basis we have chosen a candidate. You can easily analyze and assure our decisions. We screen each and every applicant’s interview.

Well now for the final step, you can now easily choose the best suitable applicant for your work place. We will short-list the top most deserving aspirant. So that you can easily get through the rest of the procedure.  


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