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Get golden business opportunities

“You got to know people to get stuff done”, ignoring the mischievous vibe of what I just wrote, the impact this sentence holds in the business world should not be taken lightly. The paramount importance of connections with the right people cannot be stressed enough in the business world and indeed the right connections can define a business.

I M Global agrees with this statement wholeheartedly, and to match our intent with a practical example, we have “International Business Events”.

A place for aspiring business individuals, investors with an eye for potential, and more experienced business professionals to meet, introduce and build lifelong partnerships.

Although, what differentiates are business meet-ups from our peers in Pakistan, is that the events are International as well!

Exactly like you read, connecting opportunities around the globe!

Meet Investors Your idea Seal the Deal

Today, in this elliptical world where business is no less than a race, getting authentic investors and building real connections, is way too stressing. I am global gives you a chance to establish real connections with genuine and business-oriented people.

Our highly professional business events help you to get in touch with venture capitalist.

You have stepped on a privileged platform if you have an analytic business idea! We help you get in touch with real investors to sketch a graph for the success of your idea.

Get your ideas analyzed statically. We are here to help you work on your goal leading you to the path of success.  

Get the deal done with the investors and step in the world implementation. Meet professionals and build a lifelong relationship of professional trust. We have reduced the wide gap between your dreams and victory.

Once you come across your ideal venture capitalist you will be all set to hit the jackpot.


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