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I am global is a platform with a complete innovative technical solution. It provides opportunities for people willing to join the business marathon and helps them succeed.
Yes, for sure we offer the best jobs and internship opportunities matching your experiences and qualification.
I am global is not just a plain platform. It is a completely innovative solution for your business and career. We will solve your business problems and accelerate you on your journey.
We provide 3 main services,

Business Events

Where investors interact with both professional and aspiring individuals, building strong and lifelong connections.

HR Recruitment

We hire perfect and eligible candidates for multiple firms and offices according to their requirements. It automatically branches into job opportunities.

Business incubators

Individuals with productive ideas can easily find investors from all over the globe for the implementation of their ideas.
Of course, once you share your idea with us, we will let you know whether your idea is productive or not.
Well reputed national as well as international investors are available to invest in your idea.
It is quite easy and simple,
Go to the any page of our Site
Scroll to the bottom
Click on the become an investor button.
Fill in the form to proceed further.
Personal statement must include following details:
First name
Last Name
Email Address
Phone Number
Your message (if any)
Your application will then go through the verification process.
Yes, entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply.
I am global has vast career opportunities. You will come across multiple employment and business building prospects.

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For inquiries related to Retail and Leadership Programs or Coaching and Mentoring services feel free to contact us. You can contact us during business hours.