Why become an Entrepreneur

*I want to be my Boss* An agreeable reason, but this is the reason most people fall back to when asked about why they desire to be an Entrepreneur. Today, let us indulge in three “other” exciting reasons for becoming an Entrepreneur. No Dress Code Would you wear a business suit while selling from your […]
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Perks Of Using Marketing Tools

Why is marketing so important? As mentioned in our previous blog, marketing is that big push you need after you develop a business, because just making a business isn’t enough, getting the message across to your audience is also a very crucial Customer Relationships Your customers are your greatest source of power. Your ideas should […]
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4 Reasons why businesses succeed

Opening a business is not easy and having it succeed is a bit more tricky. I am not here to demotivate you though, on the contrary, we are here to talk about why businesses succeed. Giants like Apple, Amazon, Google, and more, all made it and so can you with the right steps. Staying true […]
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Benefits of Being of Entrepreneur

Being an entrepreneur is not always easy and there are so many challenges to overcome, from finding the right business idea to getting the best small business loan rates to reaching the right target market, among other things. However, some people choose self-employment to bring to life their visions and ideas. Others do it for the potentially […]
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Things to Never Skip; Entrepreneurial Diaries

Entrepreneurship can be a thriving start towards success, which you’ve dreamt of. Being an entrepreneur, it’s impossible to overlook the value of passion and persistence to carve the desired results. The journey itself is worth to explore but the growth and striking big hits can be the ultimate aim of your startup. We’ve gathered a […]
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